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Fax +39 0341 583471 - info@beneri.com
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Rea: 116561
Cap. Soc.: 4.000.000 € i.v.


The year was 1958.
Three young men - Giampietro Bernabeo, Ambrogio Negri and Angelo Riva -, all bursting with entrepreneurial spirit and with a deep rooted love for mechanics, began their adventure in a small industrial loft of just 60 m2: Beneri was founded.
They invented the name, using the first two letters of the founders’ last names. A name behind which hides, in the middle between fear and hard work, scores ofprojects, limitless desires, and boundless hope.
At the beginning, the operations concentrated exclusively on the production of various types of dies and templates, but in 1960, the true journey towards change and growth began: no longer just the manufacture of moulds for third-parties, but designing and producing dies and moulds that encompass a technological secret and large series production, while observing the existing standards.

After long hours of study and feverish research, it was finally here! The template for the DIN 6798 standard Serrated lock washers, which were produced and tested with positive results.
At this point, important changes had to be made, including the purchase of high speed presses, anincrease in the personnel, and the relocation of the company to a more suitable headquarters.


In those years, the Beneri company relocated for the first time, to Via San Dionigi in Valmadrera. The new facilities were 300 m2.
In 1962, four years after its foundation, the company presented the DIN 6799 retaining rings with their applicator and the assembly pliers. Another element destined to become one of the most purchased products, even today.
Beneri’s first important customer was the famous

Italian typewriter manufacturer “Olivetti”, who, after a series of tests and trials, judged the BENERI retaining ring to offer excellent quality at a truly competitive price compared with the foreign competition. After Olivetti, other customers were added to the illustrious list and from here began the company’s rise to success. These were years filled with hard work and satisfaction, however they were not immune to problems. But the strong sense of spirit and enthusiasm, that still feeds the company, enabled the company to overcome even the most difficult obstacles and go forward in creating something truly important and destined to last throughout the years. In 1968 a second company relocation was made, into the industrial loft in Viale XXV Aprile, at no. 62 in Valmadrera. A new facilities of roughly 1500 m2, designed and constructed on the basis of the most modern criteria and according to the specific needs of the production flows. Other new product lines were introduced, among which the DIN 471 – 472 internal/external retaining rings and the other components meeting DIN standards.
In the mean time, one of the three partners left the company and, between 1974 and 1980, the production departments were expanded with the construction of new facilities and the installation of new, high technology systems.
In 1980, another partner left the Company and so, Giampietro Bernabeo remained the last founding Partner to run the BENERI company. But this was to be only for a few years. Soon his children, Patrizia and Giovanni, followed in their father’s footsteps and supported the company philosophy, rooted in the continuous and tireless search for new the productive technologies and commercial strategies.

Today, BENERI is spread out over an area measuring more than 10,000 m2 , and boasts the undisputed international leadership for the production of DIN standard Serrated lock washers and Retaining rings.
The constant investments made, the state-of-the-art systems and machinery - in terms of technology and production - the attention and respect for the environment and for safety, and the close relationship among all levels with the staff make Beneri a modern and efficient enterprise.

Giampietro, Patrizia and Giovanni Bernabeo wish to thank their internal and external associates for the contribution and constant commitment that they devote to their responsibilities.
The sincere thanks of the company go to the customers that for years has shown its confidence and satisfaction, providing the stimulus for further growth and progress.

We would also like to thank our suppliers and those who, either directly or indirectly, collaborate with the company and all those people that, like us at Beneri SpA, believe in hard work, honest business practices, and who each day set new objectives to reach and new horizons to aim for.

Thanks to all of you!
Giampietro Bernabeo, President
Patrizia Bernabeo, Managing Director
Giovanni Bernabeo, Managing Director